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Mohammad Rajaei was born in a middle class religious family in Mashhad. Since childhood, he saw his parents aiding and helping others and this became his mental context in aiding people, specifically the vulnerable and underprivileged.

Along with studying at high school, he began cultural and social activities as the chairman of the students’ council of district 4, Mashhad education office. Of his activities of the time are the “Forgive & Believe” Campaign which he launched to support and aid the adolescents and youth to quit drugs, and the management of Arad Cultural NGO.

After getting his high school diploma, he began working as the manager of Basirat Cultural and Art Center, and after a while he was selected as the “Young Active Manager” by the National Youth Organization of Khorasan Razavi Province and was commended for his social activities.

From 2005 to 2007, along with his social and artistic activities, he continued his cooperation with cultural centers to propagated the “Forgive & Believe” Campaign. He also helped with distribution of warm food among the underprivileged and disadvantaged families living in the outskirts of Mashhad city. He collaborated with Blood Donation Organization for donating blood in different locations of the city and also with Office for Social and Cultural Affairs of Mashhad Municipality to hold religious, national and cultural ceremonies. He worked with Arad NGO (as the Head of Cultural Committee) and was active in other fields of social services.

Considering that he was interested in public works for the common good, he began working in the field of supporting child workers and parentless children as the Cultural and Public Relations Director of Golestan Ali Institute for Kids Aid, which is under the supervision of State Welfare Organization of Iran.

During this time, he continued his education at the BA level in the field of Public Relations and tried to be a dynamic, active and productive person for the institute and society.

Of his activities during his university days are: holding a conference with the title of Aid Institution with a focus on supporting the students in the underprivileged areas of the city and launching a charity institute for helping the above-mentioned students.

His notable activity is holding three Golestaneh Photo Festival events in order to utilize the impact of art in drawing people’s attention to social harms and specifically to children.

Of his actions during the 8 years of his activity in the field of supporting child workers are:

  • Continuous & informed communication with organizations and institutions and developing good understanding and partnership in objectives regarding supporting parentless children
  • Active and creative presence in executing plans and advertisement programs and holding consultation meetings with other institutions
  • Branding the logo of the institute and generating funds, raising public awareness with promotional and advertisement programs and establishing the identity of Golestan Ali Institute
  • Planner and executor of educational, artistic and recreational program for the children in welfare organization
  • Forming friendly and close relation with child workers and spending time with them
  • Compiling and editing “Last Breaths” documentary series
  • Holding conferences and ceremonies with the participations of the estate and province authorities, artists, athletes, prominent social figure, philanthropists and finding sponsors for supporting the child workers and parentless children
  • Collaboration and activity in executing the social health plan with the title of “Let’s Uproot Hunger” in order to provide services in underprivileged areas, consisting of the stages for pathology, education, health and generating stable employment for the families’ breadwinners with the help of Welfare Organization, Provincial Governor’s Office, University of Medicine and Health, Guild Units and Associations
  • Executive management in distributing warm food in the Social Health Plan and helping the Restaurant Union of Mashhad and other benefactors of underprivileged areas, camps for addict and the homeless
  • Participation in groups and teamwork with country’s prominent artists – Fitileh Uncles – for the execution of various symbolic plans such as cleaning the cars windows at the intersections on the World Day Against Child Labor
  • Secretary and representative of a demonstration in front of the United Nations in support of Gaza children with the participations of artists, athletes and the institute’s children
  • Writing articles, reports, collecting and analyzing information on the subject of parentless children, child labor and etc. and sending it to newspapers and national or foreign news agencies
  • Activities in the media and press, continuous collaboration with Honarmand newspaper as the Newspaper’s Superintendent in Khorasan Razavi since 2016 and with other notable economic and social weekly magazines in journalism and field reports about child labor
  • Holding news conferences and scientific-educational tours for journalists and authors in Mashhad and Tehran


He believes that his life belongs to the society and as long as he is alive, he has the task to do all that he can and as a social activist, he likes to devout all his life and effort to the enhancement of the society.

In order to achieve this goal, he pursued journalism and activities in the field of public relations and social affairs and tried his best in honoring and respecting others, and today he is proud that he owes all his respect and honor to being at the service of others.


  1. Manager of Basirat Cultural Center
  2. Cultural Manager of Arad NGO
  3. Public Relations Manager of Golestan Ali Institute
  4. Manager of Golestan Ali Institute Gallery
  5. Representative of Fitile TV Programm Art Group
  6. Superintendent of Honarmand Newspaper in Khorasan Provinces
  7. Reporter for Honarmand Newspaper
  8. Reporter for Shorou Newspaper
  9. Reporter for Khoub Weekly
  10. Executive Secretary of Golestaneh Photo Festival
  11. Secretary & Executive of Supporting Child Laborers Plan
  12. Consultant & Public Relations Manager at Ariyan Arbas Company
  13. Executive Director & Chairman of Board of Directors of Novin Golestan Shargh Company
  14. Advertisement Consultant to the Executive Director of Shabih Art Company
  15. Advertisement Consultant of LEGO City Playground

Skills & Expertise

Problem Solving * Creativity, Ideation and Innovation * Interpersonal Communication Skill * Written Communication and Report Writing Skill * Activity Scheduling and Planning * Critical Thinking * Financial Management * Cooperation with Others (Individual/Organizational) * Teamwork * Human Management * Specialized Credit Generation * Personal Branding * Management of Meetings * Charisma & Influencing Others * Technology Establishment in Work Environment * Project Management * Strategic Thinking * Entrepreneurship * Defining & Compiling the Outlook * Environment Knowledge (Occupational & Economic) * Designing & Executing Advertisement Campaigns * Research * Information Analysis * Collecting & Documenting Information  * Social Networks Management * Marketing Management * Gamification * Content Strategy * Content Marketing * Familiarity with Media * Expertise in Photography & Video Recording * Film Editing & Montage * Mastery of Office Software, holder of ICDL Certificate

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